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Question of the Month:
What is a succulent?
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Our PURPOSE: To increase knowledge of, to propagate, to identify, to preserve endangered species of desert plants, and to encourage others to do the same.

 As a member of SACXS you will be eligible to participate in many interesting activities and events throughout the year. For example, the Annual Club Show and Sale in April, greenhouse tours, the Annual Club Picnic in October, Christmas Dinner, exciting field trips, and educational guest speakers.

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Additional interests may be joining the Cactus and Succulent Society of America, use of the club Library or volunteering at the San Antonio Botanical Center.

Members are encouraged to participate in SACXS regular meetings by bringing extra plants to donate for the club raffle. Throughout the year, members will be called upon to assist with refreshments and to bring an auction plant ($5.00 value or more) to one of our regular meetings. Members will be called upon to help at club sales and to possibly hold a position on the Board.

Several of our SACXS members are commercial vendors of cacti and succulents. These members are recognized on the Vendor's Page

We look forward to your interest and participation!

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Answer to question of the month:
In botany, succulent plants, also known as succulents or sometimes fat plants, are plants having some parts that are more than normally thickened and fleshy, usually to retain water in arid climates or soil conditions. Succulent plants may store water in various structures, such as leaves and stems. Some definitions also include roots. (Wikipedia) All cacti are succulents, not all succulents are cacti.

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Upcoming Programs in 2014

Why Landscape with Cacti and Succulents - July 16

Claude Townsend will present a program designed to show you which plants will grow in your landscape with very little water; how to plant them, how to protect them from the cold and add an element of contrast in your yard. A question and answer session will follow.


Program Next Month - August 20

Local Cactus & Succulent Gardens and Plant Collections

A photo journey through our club members' gardens and plant collections. 2013's similar photo journey was so well received, we have decided to make this an annual meeting topic. Presented by Marty Ruona.


Late 1970’s Club Documents



Edward P. Droste, Founder - 1977

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